Friday, October 19, 2007

Bioneers & Permaculture

Today was the first day of the annual Bioneers conference - the single most inspiring and replenishing event in our sun-cycle. What is especially cool this year is that there is a satellite session a little closer to home, in our watershed/bioregion (which we like to call June Sucker Nation). So we had a special opportunity to connect with fellow permaculturalists and people interested in permaculture from our area, as a workshop on the subject was held.

The presenters were Jacob Hansen from Wasatch Woodsgrown, Kendy Radasky from Tree Utah, Alex Parvaz from S.E.E.D. and Chase Fetter from Sage's Way Landscape and Design. It was great to hear about their experiences and projects in Permaculture, and to see some pictures of the EcoGarden - the permaculture demonstration site they've been developing in the Rose Park neighborhood of SLC.

Jacob Hansen is the person who was arranging the 2 Week Intensive Permaculture Design Certification Course this summer with Darren Doherty. These courses are taught to give people a solid footing in the ethics, principles, and strategies of permaculture. Unfortunately not enough people signed up for the course to take place and Jacob had to cancel it. I was one of the people wanting to take the course but unable to pool the resources to pay for it in time. So I want to apologize to Jacob for not being able to step up to the plate when he presented us with the opportunity and thank him for the effort and resources he put into organizing it. I hope we will be successful in convening another course soon, and really get the Permaculture movement growing in June Sucker Nation.

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