Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Worst Air Quality in the Nation

Here is the letter I sent to my State Representatives and Senator, the Governor, and the Division of Air Quality Director


I would like to first of all express my disgust with the air quality of the last few days, today especially. On my bicycle commute through downtown Salt Lake this morning, it was hard even to breathe, I had to slow down, so that I did not need to breathe deeply. The air tasted acrid, bitter and felt thick in my lungs. I was not surprised to find out that we currently have the worst air in the nation.

I am frustrated with the resignation and inaction of our government, our industry and our populace towards our "fate" in this winter inversion-prone locale as far as exposure to toxic, carcinogenic, auto and industry borne pollutants.

Our inversions ought to be considered a blessing, reminding us that we are responsible for what we put into our air, a call to behave ethically. A blessing because it reminds us we're a part of our natural environment, and if we're willing to accept the negative feedback and respond, a harmonious relationship to it is possible. As a community, we need to be dis-incentivising pollution, and rewarding those who choose not to waste. There is no accountability for those who pollute indiscriminately and affect adversely the well-being of all of us along the Wasatch Front. The young among us suffer disproportionately, and because their suffering manifests itself slowly, they and their families are left with the burden and cost of treating it, often without help. This needs to change, and you can do something about it. Do not leave office without changing our course towards a future with clear skies.

Thank you, Oliver Smith Callis

Please take time to do the same!


tam said...

WAY TO GO Oliver! I'm always so proud of you and I really home that something gets done immediately!

I'm wondering, though, just because it'd be interesting to know. What is the source of the air, and are they still active DURING the inversion?

Colby said...

...beautifully said/written Oliver. I appreciate your sincere efforts and passionate way of being.