Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Which Yogurt?

You may not know that I have at times been so obsessed with the wondorous world of milk related foods that I am known in some circles as the "milk man". I've read many books, done much research and networking with local farmers, and have even run the odd semi-legal raw milk cartel! I ache to keep a mini-guernsey in the back yard, but alas!

In the spirit of the threefold ethic - care of earth, care of people, and fair share, this is one of the things we've been doing with our milk lately:

Re-useable glass jar of home cultured yogurt and companion jar of homemade jam courtesy of my lovely GrittyPretty, made from unpasteurized milk, given by very happy 100% pasture fed heritage breed dairy cows under the care of a very kind farmer named Brandon Foote of Redmond Heritage Farms (109 miles away). (Milk now legal and available here).

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